Knights of Salisbury

Gossip at Court

Year 490

“Well I’ll say, isn’t that duchess a piece of something! I’ve heard she was just a peasant girl who Gorlois picked up because of her beauty. It’s all makeup, you know.”

“That’s a lie. She’s from noble blood going back thirty mothers. The Queen of the Land Under the Waves was her ancestress. That is why she is so pretty.”

“And have you tried to talk to her? Her household kept me away like I was a goblin or something! What presumption! I’m from queen’s blood too, way back.”

“Don’t you think there are more important things than gossip about that witch? That Saxon army, the one led by giants, is even closer! The king’s so worried that he has the whole army here!”

“But not just to guard us, dearie. They are going to go fight the Saxons and settle this one and for all. Don’t you ever talk to anyone but us?”

“Yes, of course I do. But don’t you think it’s too dangerous? What if he loses? We’ve lost plenty of times before, you know. Lose, win, lose, win, and then have men killed but don’t lose the battle. How does that work?”

“Listen, darlings, I am sure this will be the last one. All the dukes will be here. By this time next year, we’ll either be at peace or working as Saxon slave girls. But just go to Mass and pray for them instead of standing here and keeping us from talking about the duchess. Say, did you see the worn hem on that white satin outfit?”



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