Knights of Salisbury

Gossip at Court

Year 488

“But I must say, it worries me! Attacking the Franks!
Don’t you think it is foolish, I say, and terribly dangerous?!
King Claudas has never lost a battle! What if the Franks
start invading us too, like the Saxons?”

“Wonderful, I say, to help Praetor Syagrius! And by
God, the cause is so just! Good for him.”

“The king is attacking the Franks! Well, I’ll say
I guess we will see some plunder next year! I hope my
husband brings me some of that French ribbon!”

“That’s what it looks like, but can the king be
attacking Cornwall! That duke has insulted him by
ignoring the summons too often. There can’t be that
many Irish raiding his coast!”

“Listen, darlings, the king is just training the new
knights with this attack, because there is a new Saxon
army pillaging up north. He’ll need veterans next year.”



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