The Line of Codford

Benevolent overlord: Sir Logan the Charmed
Location: Western Salisbury near Castle Vagon
Defenses: Unmanned moat and rampart DV 4

Manor Details

Record of Events

487 A combination of steward Lady Judith’s sudden inspiration and benevolent weather resulted in an excellent harvest, doubling typical income.
The sage and just counsel of Sir Gregory quelled a troublesome dispute and reduced the hatred of the local peasantry.
This outstanding success and a cache of roman coins passed down for generations prompted a rash of building which included a Gazebo, Ditch & Rampart with Moat, Apiary, Hermitage, Fish Pond, 3 miles of road, along with the hiring of a Siege Engineer and a Scholar of Justice. All of these outlandish expenses aren’t a problem of course, because surely the good times will never end.

488 Incensed at the haughty pride of the mortals living in Codford, a malevolent faerie came by for a visit, bringing grave misfortune on the land. Competent stewardship however mitigated much of the harm, resulting in a harvest that was simply meager.
The sage and just counsel of Sir Gregory quelled a troublesome dispute and reduced the hatred of the local peasantry.
Flush with Libra from a recent raid in Frankland, Sir Gregory was undaunted and went on to order the construction of both a hazelnut and chestnut orchard, earning him the auspicious (and completely unofficial) title Lord of the Nuts.

489 Disaster struck once again at The Line of Codford, however there was only minor damage dealt. Weather was fairly benign and the steward was competent, so income was typical.
A childhood friend brought forth a dispute with a priest about ownership of an ox. Although Sir Gregory justly spurned the offered bribe, the old friend was clearly telling the truth! The commoners however knew of the offered bribe and did not believe in the justness of the case. Damn commoners.
Flush with Libra from a recent raid in Lindsey, Sir Gregory ordered the construction of a Dovecote to provide pigeon meat in lean days and encourage love of his family. Family to include a new baby brother! Sir Rut was born to the unwed Lady Judith at the age of 45.

490 Disaster struck yet AGAIN at The Line of Codford as an old hag brought a curse to the land. Combined with a harsh winter and INCOMPETENT stewardship, income was bad (2.5 Libra).
A wealthy farmer brought forth a dispute with a priest who had been bullying him for laziness. Sir Gregory justly spurns the bribe and rules with sage justice, gaining the love of his commoners.
Flush with Libra from the battle of Lindsey, Sir Gregory ordered the construction of a sheep herd and knights his younger brother Sir Beuce. Sir Beuce becomes a household knight of Sir Gerald. Older brother Sir Cal, who has been missing for years, reappears seeking shelter. Sir Gregory offered him shelter our of love for him, above and beyond loyalty to Earl Roderick. When the dust settled and it occurs that the entire incident came from a bizarre misunderstanding about a broken roof, Sir Gregory lectured him on appropriate Hospitality and resolved the issue.

491 Yet another disaster as the bees flee the manor, likely tired of all of the bewitched fey and hag curses. Combined with poor stewardship, income was poor (5 Libra).
A tradesman brought forth a dispute with a farmer, who snored too loudly. Justice was swift and sure, to the delight of the commoners.
Though he was away from his manor while garrisoning the Castle Terrabil, Sir Gregory’s mother the Lady Judith manged the lands (however poorly) but also constructed a Goose Pen as requested . . . and the peasant’s thought a neighbors SNORING was loud. Still, they will keep the doves company and prudently guard the moat bridge. Another new arrival appeared overwinter at Codford as well, Sir Gregory’s wife the very prudent Lady Edith. It was about time to replace that steward after all . . . sorry mother.

492 Disaster strikes once more as fires sweep across the lands reducing income by two steps. This isn’t helped by the fact that the new steward, Lady Edith, fails her stewardship check. Thankfully, fate was mild and the result was a half-hearted-harvest.
There was no chance for a justice event since Sir Gregory was busy committing treason. Still, the ever prudent Lady Edith oversaw the construction of a granary which will insure that the soon to come good harvests are set aside to support continued good harvests. Good harvests are coming soon . . . right?

493 Disaster strikes once more as the villagers elect a new elder who expects to be treated to a feast! If this is bad luck, fate sure has turned around. Lady Edith succeeds at her Stewardship check in the face of intimidatingly high fate. The harvest was good, and the newly built granary was filled which will reduce fate next year.
A poor old widow accuses a peddler of bullying her for being dumb. After thorough investigation, the poor old widow was justly deemed not dumb and the peddler accepted this result without qualm. A village watch was enlisted to prepare for dark times ahead and help in justice events in the future.

494 Disaster strikes once more at Codford, as Lady Edith was infested with FLEAS! Thankfully, my natural Pegan honesty did not prevent me from having another child, my daughter Rachael was born. The harvest was ordinary.
Attractive and flirtatious widow accuses childhood friend (who offers bribe) of knifing another peasant. I rule with sure and true justice.

495 Happy news at Codford, with the coming anarchy period my normally modest clothes have become anarchy chic. My appearance has increased by 3 for this year.
Farmer accuses farmer of digging up his savings. I rule justly, bringing a benign end to the situation.

496 The best news at Codford is no news at Codford. It was a bad harvest due to heavy tributes.
Childhood friend who offers bribe accuses tradesman of a brawl over a drunken argument. I side with him and accept the libra.

497 It was a quiet year at Codford, save for the raids. The raids were pretty loud and scattered the village watch, destroyed a mile of road, and razed the granary. It was a poor harvest after tribute, with only 1/4 income.
Farmer accuses poor old widow of unpaid dowry of 2 denarii. I rule justly.

498 Pestilence strikes the manor, increasing fate by 5.
Peddler accuses childhood friend (who offers a libra) of rape. It was clearly an absurd accusation, and dismissed immediately.

499 Relations with neighbors improve. Check generous and improve relations by one level. The superb stewardship of my wife results in one and a half harvest and 18 libra.
Farmer accuses rich farmer who offers bribe of an unpaid debt. The rich farmer offers a bribe which is clear proof of his honest intent and the righteousness of his case.

500 A company of mercenaries has requested the opportunity to settle on my land. I accept, and they agree to man my walls for the next two years for one libra each year. Despite TRIPLE tribute, the expert stewardship of my wife brings the total harvest to bad, half income.
Poor old widow accuses rich farmer (who offers a bribe) of burning her clothes. I rule justly.

501 Despite double tribute, the expert stewardship of my wi—MOTHER brings the total harvest to regular, full income.
Farmer accuses another farmer of heresy. I rule justly and settle the dispute.

502 Rather than double tribute, my manor was treated to double heavy raiding. My roads were all annihilated, along with the mill. I moved swiftly to rebuild the mill.
My step-mother gives birth to a bouncing baby brother, who is unlikely to be replaced by a changeling.
Rich farmer who offers 1 libra accuses childhood friend who offers 1 libra of getting favours from the blacksmith. I tired to rule justly, but it was a difficult case.
Development and mill destroyed due to heavy raiding.

503 In spite of impeccable stewardship, general misfortune and tribute result in a very bad harvest, 1/4 normal.
Rich farmer who offers bribe accuses another farmer of theft of apples. I rule with a critical justice and am adored by the peasantry.

504 Poor stewardship compounded the terrible raiding resulting in a poor harvest, 1/2 normal. Additionally, my fish pond was fouled but rebuilt.
Farmer accuses a poor old widow of stealing shoes. I fail.

505 Cornishmen “forage” while I was away being eviscerated by Saxons while my wife stayed safe in Sarem with the family, probably having an affair.
Cornishmen come to ravage my lands, but find that my family, livestock, and most supplies have been spirited away to Sarem. They angrily hump some trees and leave after they yell ineffectually at my palisades. Poor stewardship results in a poor harvest, 1/2 normal. The string of unending failures and suspicion finally grew to be too much for Lady Oreth, and she took her own life.
A poor farmer accuses a rich farmer (who offers a bribe) of his wife being someone else’s. I rule justly, but the existence of a twin somehow causes my justice to be in vain. Weird.

506 Fires ravage the forests near my lands, utterly overwhelming the stewardship skills of a strapping young lad who knocked on my door one morning and I decided to hire him as a steward. Frankly, my wife would have made a more competent steward, and she’s dead. 1/4 normal harvest.
Thankfully I’ve remarried and kicked Steward to the curb replaced by the much more attractive and much much crueler Lady Madeline.
Farmer accuses another farmer of a dispute over a chicken. I rule with swift and sure justice.

507 My herds have an excellent rouncy, which was sold for 1 libra.
Tradesman accuses farmer of being too noisy when snoring. Despite my best efforts, justice fails.

The Line of Codford

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