The Royal Court

King Uther Pendragon (Glory: 27,750)

King Uther is a fierce warlord who has fought for years to keep his throne. He is almost 40 years old and has spent little time doing anything but practicing his skills as a warrior. He is a half-hearted British Christian, but also respects the pagan faith and the druids who practice it.

Distinctive Features: Red hair, powerful physique.

Merlin the Magician

Merlin the Magician is a middle-aged man with great magical powers who serves as an advisor to King Uther. He is steeped in the druidic lore of Britain, wise and mysterious, and rightly feared and respected by everyone with good sense. Merlin’s lord is Britain, not the king, though he helps Uther in many ways.

Distinctive Features: Long grey hair and beard.

Madoc AP Uther, Prince of Logres (Glory: 3,228)

Prince Madoc is the ambitious, energetic son of King Uther. He is ruthless and hates his foes. He is generous to his followers, but skeptical of others.

Brastias, King Uther’s Bodyguard (Glory: 4,590)

Sir Brastias is King Uther’s most trusted man, the chief of Uther’s bodyguard, whose entire life is spent protecting the king. He rarely socializes with anyone but his handpicked guardsmen; he is a gruff, no-nonsense knight to the extreme.

He is noted for his suspiciousness, his loyalty to the king, and his tremendous courage.

The Royal Court

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